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The Soil of Leadership

Cultivating the Conditions for Transformation

In The Soil of Leadership, Dr. Britt Yamamoto presents a unique and memorable perspective on leadership that challenges conventional wisdom for guiding others. Drawing from his extensive global leadership experience—working closely with leaders and organizations from all over Africa, Latin America, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, and North America—Dr. Yamamoto introduces a timely framework that places paramount importance on holistic wellbeing and a profound understanding of the intricate systems critical for effective and sustainable leadership.

Inviting us to “dig where we stand,” The Soil of Leadership seamlessly weaves evocative metaphors and captivating narratives from Dr. Yamamoto’s life as both a sustainable farmer and organizational leader. Through these vivid examples, he illuminates the profound notion that genuine leadership doesn’t solely emerge from visible accomplishments; rather, it thrives within the hidden roots that allow our true potential to flourish. The Soil of Leadership serves as a compelling call to action, encouraging us to reevaluate our connections, not only with ourselves, but also with others.

Praise for The Soil of Leadership

“A touching reminder of essential leadership values, this book uses the soil metaphor to highlight growth, balance, and self-peace. It encourages readers to reflect, heal, and grow in their leadership journey, enhanced by Britt’s insightful leadership sessions.”

FRED BAUMA, Human Rights Activist

The Soil of Leadership is a crucial resource for those working toward social change. Britt Yamamoto expertly intertwines global leadership principles with a deep connection to the earth, offering practical methods for building a culture of connected leadership.”

LINA SRIVASTAVA, Founder, Center for Transformational Change

“Dr. Yamamoto’s ‘Leadership 3.0’ presents a new, exciting framework for leadership development. It’s a transformative resource, enriching and inspiring leaders across disciplines with its focus on reflection, well-being, and awareness.”

DAVID L. KIM, Senior Director for Leadership and Exchanges Programs, The Asia Foundation

“Britt weaves over twenty-five years of global leadership experience with sustainable farming insights. It’s an invitation to consider an emergent, humble leadership approach for a thriving future.”

MATT KOLAN, PhD, Director, University of Vermont Leadership for Sustainability (MLS) and Transdisciplinary Leadership and Creativity for Sustainability (TLCS)

“Britt Yamamoto’s The Soil of Leadership invites leaders to return to earth-connected strategies, moving beyond linear, heroic approaches. It challenges us to pay attention to the small, incremental ways we can enact change and honor the sacred in our leadership practices.”

JENNIFER LENTFER, Leadership Coach and Communication Strategist

“A must-read for leaders facing a crisis of leadership and connection. Britt offers a way forward with practical tools for building and inspiring community action.”

MARIKO SILVER, PhD, President and CEO, Henry Luce Foundation

“This book transforms implicit wisdom into explicit tools, significantly impacting social innovators’ work and lives. Its use of experiential metaphors provides a grounding and inspiring perspective, essential for leadership development.”

HIDEYUKI AND YUKI INOUE, Cofounders, INNO-Lab International

About Dr. Britt Yamamoto

Dr. Britt Yamamoto is a visionary leader, entrepreneur, and educator with over two decades of experience shaping inclusive and generative learning environments across diverse sectors. As a clinical associate professor at the University of Washington’s Department of Global Health, and the founding force behind international leadership organizations such as Perennial, RootSpring, and SOIL, he has ignited the leadership potential within hundreds of thousands of individuals worldwide, from India to Iraq, Malawi to Mexico, and Cambodia to Canada. His transformative influence extends to nurturing deeper connections with one’s work, partnerships, and self.

With a PhD in geography, an MSc in community development, and a wealth of experience leading organizations and managing people, Britt’s technical and practical expertise is evident. However, his unique approach to leadership development is deeply rooted in a range of interests that contribute to his holistic well-being. A creature of the Pacific, you are likely to find him engaged in endurance athletics, savoring memorable meals with family and friends, exploring the surface and depths of oceans, sifting through used vinyl, and searching for the perfect taco.

Join Britt on a journey of transformation, where leadership and personal growth converge to illuminate and create a more hopeful, generative, and connected world.

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Dig Deeper Into
The Soil of Leadership

Are you ready to go beyond the book and truly immerse yourself in the principles of soil-based leadership? The Soil of Leadership: Cultivating the Conditions for Transformation introduces a transformative approach to leadership, but the journey doesn’t have to stop with reading. We offer enriched experiences designed to deepen your understanding and practice of leadership through both self-paced virtual programs and immersive in-person fellowships.

These programs are crafted to elevate your leadership journey, providing you with practical tools, reflective practices, and real-world applications to create a lasting impact within your organizations and communities. Dive deeper with us and discover how to cultivate the conditions for true transformation.

The Soil of Leadership: 
Virtual Program

The Soil of Leadership: Cultivating the Conditions for Transformation virtual course is a self-paced program designed to supplement and enrich the foundational concepts introduced in the book. This program expands upon the tools and philosophies of soil-based leadership, inviting participants to explore a broader spectrum of real-world applications and stories. Through interactive activities and practical exercises, you will deepen your understanding of yourself and your approach to leadership.

This virtual program offers an opportunity to delve deeper into the leadership world, equipping you with the tools needed to nurture your leadership capabilities and foster growth within your organizations and communities.

Join the Program Now
The Soil of Leadership: 
In-Person Fellowship

The Soil of Leadership in-person fellowship is a transformative training experience designed around the foundational concepts presented in our newly released book. This program emphasizes reflection, awareness, and social construction, with a strong focus on wellbeing as a core component of effective leadership. Tailored for leaders seeking to deepen their inner capacities and practices, this fellowship is ideal for those committed to sustaining their impact over the long term.

Program Options:

Intensive Program: 4 days, 3 nights

Immersive Program: 7 days, 5 nights

Through a process of conscious reconstruction, participants will explore and transform their perspectives on leadership and personal growth. Join us to reflect, connect, and grow in a supportive and engaging environment.

Find Out More InFormation
More coming soon.

Connect With the Ecosystem of Hyakusho Enterprises

The Soil of Leadership: Cultivating the Conditions for Transformation is not just a book; it’s the gateway to a broader ecosystem of aligned businesses and organizations dedicated to fostering creativity, innovation, and transformative leadership. This ecosystem, known as Hyakusho Enterprises, is committed to advancing leadership and organizational development, education, and cross-cultural learning.

Explore Our Ecosystem

Hyakusho Enterprises (HE) brings together a diverse range of entities, each contributing to our mission through unique programs and initiatives. Discover how each organization embodies the core tenets of “The Soil of Leadership” and our leadership model:

Perennial emphasizes wellbeing and sustainability, offering programs that nurture reflective and resilient leaders. Our ‘Soil of Leadership’ fellowship provides in-person programs to immerse participants in transformative learning experiences. Join us in cultivating leaders who can navigate and influence complex, changing environments.

SOIL is a premier coaching and consulting firm dedicated to collaborating with leaders and organizations, fostering transformative environments in personal and professional spheres. Leveraging years of collective experience and expertise, the SOIL team specializes in enhancing leadership efficacy across diverse sectors. With a strong emphasis on reflective practice and awareness building, we empower businesses, organizations, and movements to fully actualize their potential, making a profound impact in fulfilling their missions.

RootSpring focuses on nurturing the next generation of leaders by supporting youth in their personal and professional growth through retreats, workshops, and coaching. Discover spaces designed for reflection and renewal to help young leaders develop purpose and clarity in their journeys.

Dedicated to supporting innovative projects and initiatives that align with our mission, the Hyakusho Foundation invests in the future of leadership and education. Learn more about our grant opportunities and how we can support your vision.

Hyakusho Creative is our hub for artistic and creative ventures that inspire leadership and innovation. Explore our creative projects and collaborations that push the boundaries of traditional leadership development.

By connecting with these organizations, you can deepen your engagement with the principles outlined in The Soil of Leadership and become part of a dynamic community committed to transformative leadership and learning.

Explore each entity by visiting their websites and discover how you can get involved. Together, we can cultivate the conditions for true transformation.

How You Can Support
The Soil Of Leadership

Sowing Seeds:
Small Acts of Support

  • Capture Your Journey: Share a photo or video of you and your copy of the book on social media using #SoilofLeadership.
  • Gift the Inspiration: Know someone who would be moved by the SoL message? Buying an additional copy as a gift is a great way to spread the learning. Pre-Order now!
Cultivating Growth:
Community Efforts

  • Create a Book Circle: Gather a group of friends or colleagues and dive deep into the book together.
  • Bulk Orders: Elevate your entire team or community by ordering copies for your people (staff, grantees, community, board members, and more!).
  • Host a Book Event: Interested in having the author do an in-person reading or event? Let us know!
  • Open Doors: Help us connect with bookstores, markets and venues in your area to spread the message.
Flourishing Ecosystems:
Expansive Support

  • Contribute to the Soil of Leadership Scholarship Fund. By donating to the Soil of Leadership Scholarship Fund, you’re providing vital support for an extraordinary initiative. The Soil of Leadership (SoL) program is a new immersive, in-person training experience built on the principles in the book. The SoL program is a deep dive into regenerative leadership through reflection, awareness building, and a collective learning that centers the creation of a wellbeing practice. Your generosity through the Scholarship Fund lights the path for more participants to participate in this life-changing work.
Empower a Cohort Through the Soil of Leadership Program

  • Institutional supporters and major donors may also be interested in funding an entire Soil of Leadership cohort, ushering in a transformative experience for up to 40 participants. By supporting a full cohort, you’re not just funding a program; you’re igniting a global community, ready to inspire and implement lasting impact across various sectors.
  • Contact our team to discuss this option further.


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